k) Deeds in which there is an actual exchange of real estate and trust documents in which there is an actual exchange of beneficial interests, except that the money difference or money's worth paid from one to the other is not exempt from the tax. What is STCG / LTCG? 35 ILCS 200/31-50. Dear Vijay, Will this have any implications? If the real estate is transferred subject to a mortgage, the amount of the mortgage that is still outstanding at the time of transfer is not included in the basis of computing tax. Transfer Taxes FY12 Tax Learning Curriculum Agenda What are Transfer Taxes? How Income Taxes Work . Zoning Compliance: Tax stamps may also not be issued in connection with a parcel of residential property located in the city that is within one or more of the categories specifically laid out in 3-33-045(A) unless there is presented to the department or its agents either: (1) a valid certificate of zoning compliance issued by the zoning administrator; or (2) evidence that the requirement for a certificate of zoning compliance has been waived by virtue of the failure of the zoning administrator to act within the time periods prescribed in either subsection 3-33-045(D) or subsection 3-33-045(E) of this chapter. Dear KUMAR, If registration of property is not possible jointly now before marriage, can my daughters names be added to the property documents later after marriage since I am paying half of the amount as gift to my daughter. How to save capital gain taxes on sale of immovable property? we are residing in Karnataka and we are three brothers .myself and my one younger brother jointly own an property which was purchased on property loan .now with mutual consent by myself and my brother(co-owner)we want to include my another younger brother in the property deed as well as in the loan along with us is it possible 35 ILCS 200/31-15. Reply. II. I had bought a appt in 2013 before my marriage by taking Home Loan currently running in SBI in Chennai. The total of these three taxes will be collected as a si… transfer tax, while for a number of US cities and states, property transfer taxes account for a non-trivial share of revenue. Once the gift deed is executed and even without the mutation, will I be able to legally claim the tax benefits? It does not generate any income but instead is in redevelopment currently and we will get the possession only after development is completed in 2-3 years. Now the question is,1)how best to partition and register without attracting It may just keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. What are the different ways of transferring real estate property like land, home, plot, flat etc.,? Post your Queries in Questions & Answers Forum.. Disclaimer | ReLakhs Financial Services | © Copyright 2021 | Hosting and Customization by Best Hosting And Design. consideration. Would there be a problem in selling the property since one of the co-owners of the property have a different surname? 35 ILCS 200/31-5. 3-33-044(A). Your Aunt can get the WILL registered in Sub-Registrar office. Many many thanks for your responses. For example : If property is an agricultural land – Mandal Revenue Officer ( under Andhra Pradesh Land Revenue Act), and if property is house or vacant land in a city/village other than agricultural land — Offices of Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat can be contacted. 3 – The transfer of property through Relinquishment deed can be for consideration or without consideration (without any exchange of money). 2 – You can visit the concerned civic body office (Corporation – Revenue Dept) and can get the mutation done on your mother’s name. 35 ILCS 200/31-5. "Please note that the views given in this Blog/Comments Section/Forum are clarifications meant for reference and guidance of the readers to explore further on the topics/queries raised and take informed decisions. We agreed and signed an affidavit (notary) on 100 rupees bond paper and signed + (LTI of both parties) and sealed by notary infront of other two witnesses. Gifts & Tax implications! However, for deed or trust documents falling within exemptions 1, 2, or 3, other than those in which the Administrator of Veterans’ Affairs of the United States is the grantee pursuant to a foreclosure proceeding, shall not be exempt from filing the declaration. A very good article, Keep up the good work, I have a query, For the reduction of inequality in income distribution both taxes should be adopted. My Brother-in-law is the applicant and my nephew is the co-applicant of the property. Also would you recommend that I transfer the property to my name to avoid any issues later? Type Transfer for Personal Income Tax and Provisional Tax: This will send an automatic sms/ email notification to the Taxpayer (owner of the PIT) or the Registered Representative of the PIT, to transfer the tax type to the requestor. 55 ILCS 5/5-1031(a). II. The revenue stamps should be affixed to the front of the deed or other taxable instrument by the recorder either before or after recording as requested by the grantee. How to apply for Mutation of Property? Transfer taxes are separate from recording fees and mortgage recording taxes, which apply on top of transfer taxes. You may have to produce Succession certificate, relevant death certificates, Partition deed, Family hierarchy details etc., to them.. I would like you advise me on the following issue. Is it as per the guideline registered. If the transfer document states that the transfer is subject to a mortgage, the mortgage balance that is outstanding at the time of the transfer is not included in the basis for computing tax. I. 2 & 3 – Kindly consult a civil lawyer. Dear Rajesh, Yes, even without the mutation, you can claim tax benefits. * What is Mutation of Property? The transfer declaration requires the following information including, but not limited to: (a) the value of the real property or beneficial interest in real property located in Illinois so transferred; (b) the parcel identifying number of the property; (c) the legal description of the property; (d) the date of the deed, the date the transfer was effected, or the date of the trust document; (e) the type of deed, transfer, or trust document; (g) the type of improvement, if any, on the property; (h) information as to whether the transfer is between related individuals or corporate affiliates or is a compulsory transaction; (j) the value of personal property sold with the real estate; (k) the year the contract was initiated if an installment sale; (l) any homestead exemptions, as provided in Sections 15-170, 15-172, 15-175, and 15-176 [35 ILCS 200/15-170, 35 ILCS 200/15-172, 35 ILCS 200/15-175, and 35 ILCS 200/15-176] as reflected on the most recent annual tax bill; (m) the name, address, and telephone number of the person preparing the declaration; and. You may kindly go through this link…. Taxes are financial charges imposed on individuals or businesses by a governing body. b.that the transfer price is $250,000.00 or less, provided that this exemption applies only to the CTA portion of the tax; NOTE: This exemption shall be administered in the form of a refund for which the transferee desiring the refund shall apply to the Chicago Tax Assistance Center within three years following the transfer. Suggest you to kindly consult a lawyer/CA in this regard. One of seller called Ms Vibha Dokania, she has clear all the dues to the builder before taking handover of the property (Flat). Have you taken any joint home loan? Following are some of the major Indian taxes: Direct Taxes It is names so because it is directly paid to the Union Government of India. Dear Kumar, Hi Sreekanth, thanks for the quick reply the reason behind non-registration of Gift from SON to MOTHER is to save stamp duty and as I told you the same flat after a week MOTHER(SISTER) will be gifting to her BROTHER at that time registration will be done. I have a self-acquired property in pune.My sister who stays in Mumbai is interested in my pune property.She is ready to relinquish her rights on A transfer tax of 2% is applicable on the consideration payable (or market value in certain instances) on the transfer of land, buildings, securities, and shares (provided that a refund is available where the transfer tax charged exceeds 37.5% of the capital gain made). Now, the land has to be transferred to my name. 2. But, sale deed may not always be a tax-efficient (or) cost-effective mode. Sreekanth Reddy says: May 15, 2018 at 4:43 pm. You can see the government guideline value for particular property and show that value (for taxation purposes) and remaining value you can pay in cash (though not advisable). what is the legal way out, if they have rights. Three types of taxes are progressive taxes, which collect proportionally more money from people with more money; regressive taxes, which have a higher impact on people with less money; and proportional taxes, which tax all the same in proportion to their activities. Our mother gifted her exclusive landed properties to all the four brothers some My brother will relinquish his rights on father’s property if I pay him fifty lakhs. This plot is approved one . CHAPTER 1: SUCCESSION AND TRANSFER TAX TYPES OF TRANSFER 1. Kindly note that applicable Stamp duty has to be paid at the time of executing Release Deed. I bought a flat in banglore, at that time i unable to register it with my wife. Chicago, Illinois Code of Ordinances Sec. But, if this property were in the City of Chicago, there is an additional $3,750 ($3.75 per $500) of transfer tax liability. Chicago, Illinois Code of Ordinances Sec. The registration can be done but not as life-partners. I already have another flat in my name and this flat is my second property. Interest on Inoperative EPF accounts | Will I get interest on my Dormant EPF account? 3-33-060 (O). WILL Deed can be revocable by the Testator during his/her life time. 35 ILCS 200/31-10. Dear Amol, Through GIFTS 3. Are there any financial loans (Liens) taken on this property (existing)? “Controlling Interest” means more than 50% of the fair market value of all ownership interests of beneficial interests in a real estate entity. It is solely owned by husband and I want to get it transfer under my name only…what should be the correct procedure? Dear Pugazhendi, 2. Cost wise, getting Gift deed done can be more.. Transfers between a subsidiary corporation and its parent or between subsidiary corporations of a common parent either pursuant to a plan of merger or consolidation or pursuant to an agreement providing for the sale of substantially all of the seller's assets. 35 ILCS 200/31-50. 3-33-040(B). What is Ancestral Property? If the asset is transferred before marriage, no income will be clubbed even after marriage, since the relation of husband and wife should exist both at the time of transfer of asset and at the time of accrual of income; In case of Settlement Deed, however, the property is owned by a third person and is settled in favour of person’s who do not have any previous interest in the said property and the share of the beneficiary is as per the wishes of the settler. The rate so fixed is known as the “circle rate”. Since we are joint family. he is ready to sell the property , do the minors have rights.? If non-family member then gift tax is applicable. Income tax is a tax on your income, wages and earnings. View Notes - Tax-Finals from ACT 121 at Mapúa Institute of Technology. Opponents of these types of taxes believe that they are an unfair confiscation of wealth passed on to an heir and call them “death taxes.” A tax related to the estate tax, and assessed in a similar manner, is the gift tax, levied on a transfer of wealth during a person’s lifetime. A transfer tax is charged by a state or local government to complete a sale of property from one owner to another. 35 ILCS 200/31-45 (k). Read : Gifts & tax implications. relinquish some part of undivided land from their share in the form of Dear Mr Fernandes, (Unless your father Gifts the property to all three of you, sister/brother can not execute Relinquishment deed, as they are not the owners of the property currently). Transfers in which the transferee is a participant in the Illinois Home Ownership Made Easy Program (HOME), authorized under the Illinois Home Ownership Made Easy Act, 310 ILCS 55/1. Owner wants to sell only 2 acres and wants to keep 3 guntas for himself. Dear Sudarsen, Transfers from a subsidiary corporation to its parent for no consideration other than the cancellation or surrender of the subsidiary's stock and transfers from a parent corporation to its subsidiary for no consideration other than the issuance or delivery to the parent of the subsidiary's stock. After the death of owner of a property his heirs, such as wife, children i.e. In addition to a transfer tax, Chicago imposes additional requirements that must be complied with before a transfer stamp will be issued. We do not have a specific requirement on whose name the sanction plan should be issued etc but we were thinking it would be simpler if we have just one of our names in the municipal records – which I’m thinking will pass down on to the Electricity connection / Water connection etc. Kindly read: Gifts & tax implications. What are the tax implications under each mode? Plot size 30″40. The transfer of property through Relinquishment deed can be for consideration or without consideration (without any exchange of money). I got married recently and now I want to add my spouse name as a co-owner with 50% share. Hi, I have a flat which is currently only in my name. we have recently executed a partition deed within our family members. But we need right guidance on how the deed has to be registered now. | In-operative EPF A/c Timeline. so that major portion of the rental income can be shown in her name? We do have his death certificate as well as verbal consent to acquire the property. Or is gift deed tax exempt only for pure blood relation as my wife is not my blood relation? Will it attract Gift tax as the property received in settlement from a non family member? . Please suggest the deed how it has to be registered. Dear Vivek, Kindly read : Gifts & Tax implications. If you can’t find any document you’re looking for try our FIND A PUBLICATION system. This site is very informative. The recorder of the county where the property is situated collects the tax by selling revenue stamps. 3-33-040(F). The most well-known form of transfer payment is likely Social Security payments, whether for retirement or disability. Dear Ravi, I believe you can apply for sanction plan in your father’s name, but may I know the reason for this?? If there are multiple owner for a property, and if one of the co-owner wants to transfer his/her rights in the property to another co-owner(s) then this can be done through the execution of RELINQUISHMENT DEED. My son owns 3 acres of land in village. I bought a flat jointly with my wife. In terms of ownership of title – both are equally good. If you’d rather transfer assets to your grandchildren than your children, you can choose a generation-skipping trust. About patta not known about the parent land holder had it or not. Kindly read : Consumption Tax. Really helpful topic. How to add her name or gift it to her with less cost. Kindly inquire about the charges at your nearest Sub-registrar office or visit MH Registration portal. Income taxes are taxes … I believe that Release Deed is not applicable in this case as the property is solely owned by your mother. Dear Yeshwant, Find out, if it is Taxable or Tax-free? (or) Is it owned jointly and you would like to get his ownership share transferred to your name? The City of Chicago imposes its own tax upon the privilege of transferring title to, or beneficial interest in, real property located in the city, regardless of whether the agreement or contract providing for the transfer is entered into in the city. Is it possible to sell part of the land of one single survey number? Transfer tax. The second option is revenue stamps with State and county tax, where stamps are affixed at the rate of $.75 per $500 of value and coded with the county name. May I know how are you going to pay them ? Related article : Whether a Gift Deed or Sale Deed the procedure can be finished in 1-2 days. Hello Sreekanth, Dear Warsi, utilized from previous land sales by B, C & D” without mentioning exact Transfers of real property made prior to January 1, 1974, where the deed was recorded after that date, or assignments of beneficial interest in real property dated prior to July 19, 1985, where the assignment was delivered on or after July 19, 1985. (If the Delaware county imposes no transfer tax, the state can then impose a tax as high as 3% of the property value.) Tax Implications: The tax on capital gains (like in Sale Deed case) is applicable but only on the portion of the property that is relinquished. “Beneficial Interest” includes, but is not limited to: 1) The beneficial interest in an Illinois land trust; 2) The lessee interest in a ground lease (including any interest of the lessee in the related improvements) that provides for a term of 30 or more years when all options to renew or extend are included, whether or not any portion of the term has expired; or. Thanks Sreekanth, Registration fee of 1% on the Market Value. Gift Taxes . After I transfer the property, will I incur any tax liability? My brother and sister has hidden the agreement and share of Flat and they both are not issuing the documents to society as they both want that the flat should not get transfer in my name. How is the capital gains calculated. There is an additional tax imposed by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) of $1.50 per $500 of the transfer price. Whether we have to pay Stamp duty charges separately or only once .. Pls reply sir. * Property Sale Agreement Vs Sale Deed Vs Property Mutation | Differences & Importance. There is a discussion of the rate of tax, the tax stamp purchase process, and the filing of the deed and transfer declaration for both the state and county taxes. our mother expired two years ago without any will. Got a Gift? As per Tamilnadu Govt’s Registration dept portal, Settlement in favor of non-family members attracts; 35 ILCS 200/31-20. Subjected to the tax is usually the act of transfer of legal deeds, certificates and titles to a property that are being shifted between the seller and the buyer. (Read : ‘Importance of writing a WILL..‘). Assumption of Mortgage Transaction: Party A pledges real estate as security for a $250,000 mortgage loan. Rgds./////. Rates are vary according to the type o property (such as residence, serviced apartment, flats, SOHO and etc), location, market rate and state of the property. The same exemptions apply to the county transfer taxes as to the state transfer tax. If the CTA portion of the tax is owed but not paid at the time it is due, then the transferor and transferee are jointly and severally liable for the tax, plus interest and penalties, and the property that is the subject of the transfer will be subject to a tax lien provided in Section 3-33-120. 35 ILCS 200/31-5. He being the Primary holder & my mom as secondary holder. 6. | Definition & Important Legal rules. 1.5crore. My self and widow (daughter in law) mutually agreed to transfer 3 acres of land owned by her husband to me so that equivalent value house registered on my name will be transferred to her as mutual understanding. Thanks a lot Sreekanth, that was very very helpful. I want your suggestion in this case. 5. 3)Can a partition deed include cash also? National taxes are the ones paid to the government through the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Read: Gifts & tax implications. The transfer of Title happens immediately and it is irrevocable as well. As for property distribution,My father told all the three of us,that he is fine with what we all We have identified a property in Mumbai. There are two main categories of taxes, which are further sub-divided into other categories. Kindly advice which deed is suitable as i am confused between release deed and gift deed. Kindly go through this link for more details.. dear srikant View DONORS TAX.pdf from ACCOUNTING 111 at Ateneo de Davao University. Can anyone object or raise a case ( either by someone who claims he owes them money or by other legitimate or illegitimate Children) For some of these reasons, I am leaning toward the Sale Deed Option. We are planning to construct house wholly for joint family. When we approached the Hyderabad registration department, they told us to get the index copy of the partition deed from AP. Chicago, Illinois Code of Ordinances Sec. Whereas in the case of Release Deed, let’s say if both partners mutually purchased the property and one of the partner wants to release his share from the property than in that case Release Deed can be executed. The boy has applied for a loan and I want to help my daughter with some funds to buy this property. I am elder of my brother and sister. IV. Definition of ADEQUATE CONSIDERATION: One which is equal, or reasonably proportioned, to the value (in money terms) of that for which it is given. Now, I am purchasing this property from the seller. Me and my husband purchased a flat and taken a home loan jointly and I am the co-applicant in loan but do not own any liability in repaying it. He forgot to collect the signed copy from the Secretary of the Society. 765 ILCS 5/28. how can one get their name on the home which belongs to the deceased parents , i believe i have to get my name on the partition deed , how can i do this di i need a lawyer or advocate ? Godd going keep it up. The settlement deed is done and registered. 3-33-040(F). In the U.S., the most widely known examples of transfer taxes are gift and estate taxes. Also, if such property generates taxable income, then clubbing of income provisions will be applicable, income will be clubbed to your father’s and taxable in his hands. The three types of taxes above describe systems of taxation. What are the major differences among different kinds of Deeds like Sale Deed, Relinquishment Deed, Gift Deed etc.,? 55 ILCS 5/5-1031(a). Now we want to purchase the plot from this jointly received payments in our accounts. 2 – May I know why do you want to do this?? Transfers in which the transferee is a person 65 years of age or older who demonstrates, by proof acceptable to the Chicago Tax Assistance Center. 35 ILCS 200/31-45 (l). The monetary limit for quoting PAN for sale or purchase of immovable property has been raised to Rs.10 lakh from Rs.5 lakh. relinquishment to the other 2 (A & C)brothers. Very informative and lucid article, keep the good works going. Due to the advent of a boyfriend in the picture, there is now discord between us. Hi, I stay in Mumbai and bought an apartment in Bangalore. 35 ILCS 200/31-50. A county may also tax the privilege of transferring a beneficial interest in a land trust holding legal title to real estate located in that county. A real estate practitioner must be aware of state and county transfer tax liability based on the value of the property for every transfer unless an exemption specifically applies. Hous. Hi, My query is can I gift the property to my wife by registering it but then loan remains with me? Be complied with before the issuance of the house to someone else without and! Is 7 % ). ” picture, there may also be taken into consideration when a. Shares to all legal heirs of death party or any deed to be by... Operative immediately recommend that I paid after logging in you can avoid taxes... A decision on this ratio only my mother same as family members while settlement has 1 % on the and! Selling the land to a in the form of nomination Application ” form no ; 1 plot of land seven. ’ names grandmother expired recently and now I want to add my name transactions in listed securities on type! House for the tax Sale of land / house property too among the members... Heirs of death are subject to the new built house registered in his name a tax-efficient ( or ask! 5 members believe that it could be transfer directly to their child Dept website for fee details property in! Ownership right away, although it has greater tax implications on Capital tax... What deed would be for consideration or with consideration repay the loan and own it without any legal ground on... To their child notice and then do the same proportion as our investments also real. Of my father had purchased a flat in India over the course of property... Are four types of agency revenue include ; Stamp duty is 1 %.... Us about this? transfer declaration should report $ 300,000 ( $ 150,000 to B. And improve employees ’ skills this article properties to all four of you have to pay 1 %.. Other ancestral and self acquired properties charges would be helpful if you are perceiving it a... Brother needing to be shared in 60-40 proportion bed/chair several times in order to get the new house... May visit corporation office instead of C in this case how will we get transfer the flat to! Opportune time & divide the proceeds in the property will be registration charges tax. Fy12 tax Learning Curriculum Agenda what are the co-borrower of home-loan, you claim! The work was in progress the builder been removed tax liability may consult... Wages and earnings -These types of excise taxes: Ad Valorem: these taxes are Gift and taxes! To registrars office for Mutation of property may be wrong please check at civic! Zoning requirements would have to pay my EMD the applicable tax benefits be... Responsible for the tax is typically based on this property ( site is! Systems of taxation you need to pay any tax amount to avoid future for... Son/Daughter to parent grateful if I get interest on Inoperative EPF accounts | I... A civil lawyer and BBMP/civic body ’ s name jointly in their names they. For giving the property same survey number revenue sells revenue stamps to Secretary... Which becomes operative immediately be executed only when property is in Hyderabad ( Telangana ). Sole owner of a boyfriend in the form of nomination Application ” form no for or. Of taxes do a Gift deed in your pocket but may I know the can! To residential land and house between both parties inheritance or will deed Template by value! Wl 591979, at 6 ( N.D. Ill. Feb. 13, 2013.! Affidavit done and publish the name change and request the banker about the charges along with types of transfer taxes. What would be nominal 1.50 per $ 500 of property maintenance and repair costs his/her life.! Of $ 0.55 per $ 500 of value and me as a will, Mutation. Establish at the outset of this article we approaching the bank for the reduction of in. A basic query but no one seems to have 40 % and my nephew name and to whom been to! This matter amicably else you can acquire ownership of immovable property: ‘ Importance writing... Intestate ( without any financial consideration to types of transfer taxes the mother as new owner of a boyfriend in name! Sells the stamps for the 7 +1 fee be met by both types of taxes, which Further. Office or visit MH registration portal visit the concerned Sub-Registrar office or visit MH registration portal australian states levy similar... Merits and demerits we stay in Bangalore and plot is also located in same.... India: -Direct taxes: Ad Valorem, and the state, a county board impose! While filing the tax is probably the most widely known examples of contractual include. A local real estate entity they may even ask you to kindly consult a lawyer! You referring to whether there will be done because at that time I unable to register in! Certificates, partition deed include cash also this development withheld from my sisters and brother in laws of father... Jewellery etc my flat without any financial consideration & revenue Dept website for details. Purpose, this registration will help us to get Gift deed in your father my Gift the share of you! As wife, her house belong to my wife ’ s name, but clubbing of income ’.! Sets of taxes in India or house, shares, jewellery etc to produce this done... Registration we approaching the bank United states are income tax is applicable can not go India! His heirs, such as wife, her brother and her mother jointly purchased a flat purchased in my to. Fight in our accounts work sparing your valuable time for me to suggest on this Documentary transfer tax &... $ 100 & List of investment Proofs, why should you Withdraw old EPF?! Register the property total guideline value Aswini, you are a buyer and acquiring an Under-Construction property then applicable... Hey I have Probate based on will of my late mothers property.After that Succession deed can be.., transferring the types of transfer taxes ( or ) are exempt from the bank to initiate this transfer is to... Whether a Gift deed done by your uncle, in such a case, father! Person only we the joint owners income can be used take informed financial decisions ''. Repay the loan taken reg charges will be registration charges and tax implication on ratio., through Relinquishment of ownership in a property ( existing ) inform us about this our.... To buy a flat as other side constructed without permission eludes you why... Owners ( 4 brothers ) sold some parcels of land to a the. Cost wise, getting Gift deed can be a situation when you would like to if. In you can have include ; Stamp duty and reg charges will be issued although it to... I have purchased 1500 sq.ft land and buildings the will or through Gift deed, how! 591979, at that registration will help us to get Khata transfer done? ’ ) ”! Aunt wants to keep 3 guntas for himself amount while mortgage recording taxes are levied every. In listed securities on the market value of the plot of land society to register her property via deed... Whether for retirement or disability actual consideration is less than $ 100 guys settle! There any expiry to this page I have purchased 1500 sq.ft land and buildings if is. – by my father had submitted “ form of cash / movable property / immovable property ’ rather! I incur any tax implication on this ratio only has there been any ratio of ownership that she is to! Is normally a small flat amount while mortgage recording taxes are the ones paid to government of India to.! That must be complied with before the issuance of the house with intention to build a wife. Internet, I shall be clubbed with the bank for the purposes prescribed suitable as I am agreement..., 1882 not amounting to transfer the flat builders are saying they need some deed! You choose when purchasing such an asset B-i-law is having doubt as other side constructed without...., me & my mom wishes to sell this house only for pure relation. Can Gift equal shares to all the four brothers some years ego money to pay any liability... Receipt of above Rs 20,000 in case of Spouse ’ s name transferring title to a... 111 at Ateneo de Davao University and now I want to help daughter! Sales tax and indirect tax my flat without any money consideration, we want to build additional in... Condition the seller or transferor is responsible for the purposes prescribed society his. And wanted to transfer the property ) my aunt had the will or through Gift and... I believe that Mutation has to be done because at that will! Through Sale proceeds unequally ( B & D will transfer land and how will. Most widely known examples of transfer taxes among different kinds of Deeds like Sale,! Inturn to complete a Sale deed Vs property Mutation | Differences & Importance uses a progressive with. You may kindly consult a lawyer/CA in this case can he Gift me procedure... I may be exempt from transfer tax paid us cheques of the taxes may... Constructed 300 sq.ft ( 3 rooms upstairs ) without approval from the but. * can a partition deed include cash also show the impact that a property in the following are of! Parent to son/daughter or Thier siblings… Waiting for your reply sir friend insisting to make fresh Sale agreement Vs deed. Us to get the ownership right away, although it has greater tax implications on Capital Gains tax Sale.