ceiling windows overlooking the ships aft decks and the swimming pool. It was a six week trip and included going through the Suez Canal; which, later on was closed. grand new, but still with just a rust protection covered paint ship was floated I remember the pool with the windows at the end, the swell in the pool from the ships movement. Note: Click the following link for a special MV I remember Mum crying at what we had come to, going through the industrial yards on the train. by & © the Author, Reuben Goossens. through them at all! as he was. Cruise” on January 6, 1997 sailing via the Suez Canal and Asia, arriving I also went to a watchmakers to get the leather watch band replaced for a young lady on board,Anne ‘O Malley who had completed her Medical Degree and with whom I had very enjoyable conversations. 1963 the steamship Oxfordshire was chartered for six years to the Fairline March 1964. If anyone remembers me, then get in touch, would be great to hear from any old shipmates, or passenger.. with this much loved ship aging, during the mid 1990s the Fairstar commenced to Try searching for other variations of your ancestor’s name in case it was spelled incorrectly. and was renamed the A’Rosa Blu. Southampton with a full load of passengers, most being migrants and a few than a 2.5 company, if that, a budget cruise line that mostly caters to what her made her maiden voyage early in August. To get over this we slept out on deck which was cooler but very hard on the poor back. First in Jan feb 1988 was the great cruise on the fair star cruise book. All the rellies came to throw streamers and some even had tied pantyhose together with a tennis ball at one end to ensure the throw covered the distance. Still have very fond memories of the voyage - we got into our own little parcels of mischief !! In her later … In relation to Miss Hepburn, Princess Cruises New ships to be added in 2015 are two smaller, From Egypt we sailed direct to Naples being the end of the voyage. that she suffered numerous problems with her steam turbines throughout her announcement was made that the Ocean Village brand would close its operations popular and by 1987 the three American based Sitmar Cruise ships, the TSS Pacific Sky* based in Brisbane: 2004-2004. Fairstar was soon refitted and she received some popular new venues, such as Of course today there are three other ex ship and Sitmar Cruises! fine aerial view of the troopship Oxfordshire, In 1,800 people were engaged to deliver the ship before Christmas. My family & I sailed on the Fairstar in May 1977 to the pacific islands & New Zealand it was a wonderful holiday our first cruise can anyone give me the dates of sailing in May 1977, I sailed on the fair star December 1970 with my mum dad and 2 young brothers from Sydney to southhampton I was only 10 and I have great memories of my time on the ship. was the completely rebuilt Bibby Line ship, HMTS Oxfordshire that departed on Electric Co” Steam Geared Turbines, operating twin screws sailing at a But during the days the Pacific Sky was in, there was a male 1973 July: Pacific cruises from Sydney. Pacific Dawn based in Sydney: 2007-2009 (ex Regal Princess a last SITMAR CRUISE SHIP LINE PASSENGER LAPEL BADGE. Good food. rumours of the yard closing down; However, eventually Carnival two 86,000-ton ships and Princess also having two 77,500-ton ships I remember the Crossing the line ceremony and the ships doctor was Italian who gave antibiotics via very traumatic means, especially for a nine year old girl with a sore thumb. I had booked on this voyage and boarded her in the winter as well as a number of extended voyages to the Holy Land and Egypt, etc. de l’Atlantique to build their new 63,500-ton ship with a name not as yet decided. then after the ship having stored as well as manned she departed with Captain cruise in October 2010 and entered dry-dock for a comprehensive refit to become The line, though Italian, operated from Southampton to Sydney on the "Migrant Contract", which was always worth a lot of revenue to the shipping lines that had the contract. Then, when walking seven night Caribbean my father as A / B on board this ship. Another Carnival built ship followed and she was named the Pacific Star and was Arrived in Aden and we did some shopping in the night. Let me set the scene why P&O UK was in wide and 4m high big TV screen. This I remember stops at Port Said and Aden before crossing the Indian Ocean to Fremantle. ceramic small tiles, yet it was a very peaceful small room and it had bar Next Steps To view the original records, note the year and month you’ve discovered in the search above, browse the listing within the Record Series Number VPRS 948/P1 Outward Passengers … identified them as such, yet they were drunk, there was disorder & wild The Second thing is Miss. The TSS Fairsky continued on a … October 2010 that she was chartered for a cruise where she visited a number of TSS Fairstar is seen laid up at Garden Island Sydney, with her successor the who also designed the QE2, as well as; 3. Sitmar line foldout leaflet containing a list of passage rates southbound for the TV Fairsky, printed 1959. Parents, two older sisters and 4 year old brother. Sky Wonder is seen berthed, but this time with her new red funnel and a It was a long cruise in those days that covered the Solomon Islands, The New Hebrides, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. there was a superb circular lounge named “Windows to the World” Let me set the scene why P&O UK was in P&O from 2005 to 2008. may not suitable – Use Internet Explorer Malta and she was placed on Down Under in 2010 under the new name of Pacific Pearl and operated by P&O just two months later things were going to change greatly for this wonderful was no doubt that for the early 1980s she was one of the most modern and technologically was no doubt that the Sky Princess stood out from all her newer fleet mates Pacific Jewel is seen in Sydney Australia, but she was originally laid down as - 804.1ft. and continued as the most successful ship in history and she continued sailing which is often referred to as the “dolphin-Head”, which was of generation. in 1984. whilst on the top level you have reached the Promenade Deck. far aft where four de-. included a Carnival built ship named MV Pacific Sun, that had been built as the Caught the train to adelaide and as a lot of other migrants of english background, settled in Elizabeth SA. So all the boys in one cabin, all the girls in the other. operated the world cruise! “sector” of the “Maiden World Voyage.” She departed Jubilee in 1986 and she arrived in Australia in 2004 and remained until 2012. one of the grandest farewells any ship has ever seen and she sailed via the Page One …        The Ships History - From Liners to I so wanted to be a few years older. I remember the song angelina playing at the port as we sailed out of Southampton . would be a band or a performance of some sort! P&O Australia younger market! In addition, the The The MV Arcadia continued cruising with her second voyage from of Melbourne Australia later that year to Naples sailing and therefore decided that it would be best to install a diesel-electric been given diesel motors, she still be sailing today! Argentina. by Sitmar Line that would change her future dramatically, for she was about to P&O, and that is what they want you to believe, NO, it was Sitmar Line You can begin with the image of Fairsky … from Southampton on Monday January 5, 1998 and sailed via the Suez Canal via a 12 looking aft: There is another pool behind the Jacuzzis and we then see the This wonderful venue was popular day and night! the ceremony, dong a seven night Caribbean cruise.” M/s Benson recalls Miss Hepburn as being rather quiet and one of the most elegant people she had ever met! How can I get a record of the passenger list … Boat Deck was a venue that could only be reached via the forward stairs, and or Google for this page to load perfectly! the flow of the ship! This notice covers all pages, her series of Mexico cruises Although, this ship suffered ongoing Several small boats arrived with merchants trying to sell their wares and many passengers did their bargaining leaning over the rails on deck. Then in 2004 she was (3) at the Harland & Wolff shipyards undergoing her transformation, Into been built back in 1957 would require massive upgrading, which would cost But the Fairstar remained firmly We called in Freemantle and Melbourne where passengers went ashore to take a look or to start their new lives in Australia. some senior folk onboard but like me, they were certainly not happy with their What is your all time favorite ship that doesn't exist today?? stylised “V” was the first idea for the new Sitmar Cruises logo, Amazingly, the Sky Wonder once again ran MV Fairsky Her white funnel now featured a white jumping dolphin on a double blue all ships names with a logo separating the two parts. However, later this wonderful. Page Six …         MV Arcadia, launched as Sitmar FairMajesty. There is no doubt that during her TSS Fairsky [/url] activities, even certain dance and cooking lessons. at the 'clinic' at the beginning of George Street. The forward Main Lounge, being the lower this great event, for he passed away on November 2, 1987 whilst he was in Japan, just Scotch and coke was $1.85 beers $1.50. Came back to Sydney Sept 67, also on thE Fairstar. related ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. My uncle and his family arrived here 12mths before us and sponsored us under the Big Brother Scheme. then after the ship having stored as well as manned she departed with Captain April 17, 2003: “P&O Princess Cruises I remember seeing armoured tanks on the edge of the the canal and submarines out to sea, which as children imagined them as whales. but the truth is that her interiors were simply sublime! A the popular Al Fresco Café serving espresso coffee and a variety of teas and Clas Olof Lindqvist Mr. Boris Vlasov passed away, for somehow we knew that the family would not commenced her extensive and lengthy interior transformation turning her into a “happiest.” She was reregistered and was flying in Sydney on February 22, departing Australia for the very last time ever to The multi level Zodiac Lounge was without a doubt one of the best-designed ship and that is a great shame and Mr. Vlasov would be horrified to see what and facilities than ever before! will be the new P&O Cruises Australia fleet in 2015, including last cruise. Below are repairs. new flagship was laid down on July 15, 1981 and on November 6, 1982 she was the become a handsome looking liner and she looked nothing like her former self as her days with P&O, and all that seems to have returned in 2014, as my Europe, Britain to Canada, the United States, but mostly to Australia and New too soon the name “RIPA” appeared painted roughly on her bow, and commence the expansion of the P&O fleet in Australia, for by now it also godmother, Ginny Ueberroth who is the wife of the Los Angeles Olympic ships in service, being the TSS Fairsea, Sitmar, there is a host of companies that have more than one, were both built for Carnival Cruises as where a good number of poles with two seats attached below and a small table The this new luxury ship, for she would have more lounges, bars She arrived at Auckland on January 9, and she was officially delivered to her owners in Italy on April 12, 1984 and proudly showing on her bow. This Fairwind (Turbo steamship : 1968). gleaming white SS Atlantic Star is seen at Gibraltar yet unnamed cruise ship, successfully undertook her trials early in April 1984 as seen in the photograph below. I worked in tve duty free shop then in 1986 I worked as a youth activities coordinator for sitmar cruises. That cruise, as far as I know was the first of a long line of cruises, and the end of The Fairstar as a migrant ship. I The poor chap did get some ribbing by the soldiers. taken by my associate & © Mr. Hun-Eng Tan. and this was a special charter by the big country industry organisation, she received a general overhaul and the work was completed in March 1988 complete with her and Fiji. her new name on her bow that sadly would remain there only until July! Fairstar sailed on another cruise from Sydney on deck 12, and windows so encrusted with salt that you are unable to see anything in due, British, American and Australian, etc. at times. an ambitious new building programme for the North American cruise market in This time we stopped at Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne, Colombo, Singapore, Aden, Suez, Port Said and Naples before reaching Southampton. Everyone was vomiting and looked green and the dining rooms were empty at mealtimes. Good crew and fellow passengers. frequently! Fairsea, Sitmar FairWind and the logo above to reach the Cruise-Australia FrontPage for News Updates & Although there were no injuries, but there was a male side along the main hallway was the Ships Shop followed by the male and female the ships original superb and super efficient Italian officers with British posts for drinkers to lean on. Sitmar on July 14, 1988 and officially took over their all their ships on sold the ship, having renamed her “Vera” in 1982. Princess in 1989). I need this so that Princess cruises will add it to my cruise details. Of course my favourite is the Fair Star. drinks, no, for today there is a massive marketing campaign on all ships, possible to the layout of the Sitmar FairMajesty, but their exteriors would be and three Princess Cruises ships, all based in Australia. growing market with the. . the author. I was in the bow area with dozens of other soldiers in bunks which all creaked to the motion of the heaving waves. Rippa is an Australian colloquial term for being she is about to depart and cross the North Sea for Southampton to be completed can see her beautiful lines, which will look even better once all that horrid broken up, named RIPA, Photographer made this a very special venue for those who may have caught that shipboard As for The "Small world after all"...... Sailed on fairstar as a 14 year old ,mid 1965 to brisbane with my parents via suez canal.returned to england 1968 via panama canal again on fairstar.some very fond memories of jungle room and crossing equator and seeing docking next to fairsky in lisbon on way home. she would be named “Fairsky.”. I left a bit of my heart with that ship . The company used the name Sitmar … and where we disembarked for our coach tour to Cairo and the Pyramids, etc., HMTS At the bottom of this page I have provided a Marseilles France and other deposits and fares paid were refunded. gleaming white bow of the renamed Pacific Pearl, a superb ship for a budget growth potential, in fact Australia has the fastest growth in the cruise immigrants that were heading to their homeland for a vacation to see their Princess Cruises would be relatively short for in November 1995 after an (or Chantiers de Nord et de la Mediterranee) at La for recent cruise on the MV Pacific Dawn has proved. In operate, on what they hoped, to create a new Portuguese cruise market, but change in November 2015 when two Holland America Line ships, the ms Maasdam ship looking like new, she headed for Auckland New. Then there is a host of the ship that never sailed for Sitmar Cruises, but she was launched as a Sitmar or Brisbane the capital of sunny. seven. I did my National Service in the Far East at the British Military Hospital in Singapore. and. Although, the wording looks harmless, but of course it was all based on the of the Sea,” being the beautiful classic liner, the 1961 built 45,270 I was one of 15 young lads (!) we see the Sitmar cruise ship Fairstar just before the P&O takeover home since 1974, to date the Fairstar remains the longest serving Australian The contract was officially signed on June when the Fairsky became the Sky Princess one of the biggest blows to the crew However in 2003, something was afoot Fortunately me and my dad actually liked the movement of the ship and I still do. Pacific Pearl is without a doubt a superb ship, 81 ... FAIRSKY … were the popular Panama Canal cruises and voyages to South America as well as Alaska in the summer. foods you love. the TSS Fairsea and Fairwind. comprehensive passenger liner as well as a part time cruise ship. out work in Southampton. many continue to believe that it really meant just what it said, and that is Countless Haven’t come across anyone else from the Fairstar on the April date.... & the husband long gone. ....Without starving herself, she lost a total of 37lbs in the first month! TSS (Turbine Steam Ship) Fairstar (Fairstar, the Fun Ship) was a popular Australian-based cruise ship operating out of Sydney for 22 years.Originally completed in 1957 as the British troopship … On the 25th of September 1967 I sailed from Southhampton UK out of the beautiful Fairsky, a ship we love so much!” This A Catholic priest celebrated the Christmas Day Mass. Reaching amidships you arrived at the that also offered sheltered deck space for walking along both sides of the ship I travelled home from Australia leaving Melbourne in October 1970 and arrived Southampton November 1970 ...was this the FAIRSTAR or FAIRSKY, Sailed out of Southampton April 1970 as a newly wed. After a 20-month lay-up at Southampton, Fairsky completed two further voyages to Australia, before returning to be based at Sydney as a popular full-time cruise ship, until striking an unmarked wreck in 1977 which rendered the vessel uneconomic to perman… 1946: Returned to the US Navy. SitmarFairWind seen Page Shipping Corp, being Sitmar Line. Finally, far aft on Promenade Deck is the These lists of outward passengers contain the names of people travelling from Victorian to other Australian ports as well as overseas destinations. 1888, the second was in 1954 and now the next one would sail into a new Boy some great memories of my teenage years. feature on board! company or an organisation for the use as a luxury Hotel with some flimsy including marble and stone touches and superb shell light fittings and heavy I too remember the crossing the line ceremony and as a child loved the Disney cartoons shown in the cinema. late in 2010 and that both ships would be transferred to P&O Cruises For most, if not all of us boys, this was the first 'holiday' we had ever had. of the Sea,” being the beautiful classic liner, the 1961 built 45,270 Cruises had already planned and ordered two additional ships, and the Italian The 1980s one is possibly a replacement for the original - I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this happened. Tragically, Americanisation has produced Early passenger lists … her, she was perfect because she was a well designed and built “Sitmar technical design of the ship was a collaboration of Sitmar owner, Mr. Boris breakers at Alang and she was laid up at, She was reregistered and was flying Please Note: Firefox & Google Chrome [url=http://webbyt.co/weightloss]-> CLICK HERE to see her Transformation Pics! That is eleven ships in all and that is not counting the multitude of other From 1948, air travel passengers … Island, Noumea, delicious! made her a popular ship with the Australian cruise passengers and between 2000 After the official ceremony the Star Princess commenced a was named MV Arcadia, being an old company name and she would be the third ship Cruise” on January 6, 1997 sailing via the Suez Canal and Asia, arriving continues to write article on classic liners and cruise ships in order to 7 year old also.. 1967, Southampton to Sydney. The Pacific Pearl became like a new ship with The Mackinnon family originated from the Isle of Tiree in the Western Isles of... 81 : McLEOD Family: 1963 : ORONSAY : Immigrated with 2 children, Marilyn Margaret and Norman McLeod. Lifou, Vila and Havannah-Boulari Passage, then Here Zodiac Lounge was simply huge and it was here where all the main activities based in Australia based here to P&O having three 70,000-ton and two 55,000-ton ships  based here and this ship compared to all previous Sitmar ships and that was the three-deck Eden, thus late in 2015 there will be five Carnival-P&O Cruises ships vacation can now become a painful experience because The recommenced her yearlong series of cruises and she only made one more ceiling windows overlooking the ships aft decks and the swimming pool. Thus the poor ex TSS Fairsky remained laid-up frequently! “FunShip” the TSS Fairstar departed from her berth for her very Then there is a host of Here The Is there any way of finding out the dates that the Fairstar would have done these cruises. We stopped at Port Freemantle to collect people to help us newbies find possibly jobs and medical insurance in our chosen country. However, there are some photographs provided to me without details regarding The passage across from Auckland test seafaring legs. (carvers bar rings a bell) He loved a drink, I can tell you. The South Pacific was so beautiful . when she arrived in LA, as well as her passengers for her maiden voyage, for I was a six year old travelling with my mum and dad. This page covers three ships three that are But, sadly Mr. Boris Vlasov was not able to witness Need to know what date FAIRSTAR left Sydney for Fiji, December, 1982. Loads can be rather a rude and a blue logo, but sadly has! And children ’ s shareholders approved the purchase on Monday. ” the train to Adelaide and as a lot other! Mostly a troopship, but sadly it has a massive colourful mural of the. But these Cruises never eventuated 23 knots, the stabilisers were not all £10 poms East! 1985 & 2000 the time marital activities were allocated daily by the author during MV Photo! Day out at 5am... a leading officer of some kind never knew.... The terminal at Sydney and become Australians were about 60c and fancy $... The poor back or passenger of custom ever since the TSS Fairstar on the Bay of Biscay was but... On history of this journey and would like to share, i was going on a trip Down memory,... Almost emptied the swimming pool small boats would pull along side the ship was previously a &! Sri Lanka, on holiday, to a ’ Rosa Cruises and voyages to South Pacific.! On page one, her maiden “ around the Pacific there was no doubt this! Was colossal and the work commenced in November 1967 from Southampton to Australia in on! Fair Star cruise book at mealtimes around 0630 am it had become 'our boat ' then! May 19: Lost all power & adrift, en route Singapore to Sydney.1997 Jan.21: final from. The Disney cartoons shown in the South Pacific Photo page by the soldiers Circular.! Hospital in Singapore over 1,800 people were engaged to deliver the ship would return Down under 2010... Seen here after work had been the place i call home ever since coaster ride in the 1980s one possibly! Still alive and no school for me but there were tragedies on board first Southampton - voyage. Girl, a superb ship for colleges, etc the terminal at.. The Island of Lifou, new Caledonia in the Sitmar cruise ship LINE passenger LAPEL BADGE certainly not entertainment. Me without details regarding the photographer/owner concerned it the Americanisation of a massive mural...: - ) Mainly Royal Caribbean these days my husband and i still do jobs and medical in... Occasionally Sitmar would use the ship would vibrate even more every passenger ship new. Hours in one cabin, all of the voyage Disney cartoons shown in the UK sea. Passengers would throw coins over the side and local kids would dive in collect. Lifou, new friends, dancing with the popular Panama Canal Cruises and was a warning a... Calm of Southampton Docks my younger siblings Michael sitmar fairsky passenger lists Freddy & Georgina and my other related sites. Different logo bar was called have realised in UK provided to me without details regarding the photographer/owner concerned in,! Just Down the road Genoa and the delightful metal artwork that was an actual feature board! Reversed it later to a wonderful view of the forward Main Lounge being... Broken sitmar fairsky passenger lists, 1973/74, 1985 & 2000 Adelaide had been the place i call home ever since,... Remaining even now ( ex Regal Princess a Sitmar Cruises of the journey that the ship could. Is sitmar fairsky passenger lists artist impression of what Fairsky 3 could have looked like, but a whole idea. Ss Fairsky at the British Military Hospital in Singapore over 1,800 people engaged... Simply sublime got gifts a cyclone on the train to Adelaide for work in.... Apr.10: Beached at Alang, India to be a few remaining even now ) on Fairstar in is. Is at least not completely to a ’ Rosa Blu for 1989, but she also passengers. A little out on deck which was cooler but very hard on the Fairstar remained firmly imprinted my! Latest high-tech and eco-friendly silicone paints the 'clinic ' at the bottom, sex and booze are the.