1. San JacintoSan Jacinto Location In California
    If i had no family in CA i would have moved out of CA to an area with more rainfall, but inland SoCal is dry, arid, desert like, but does have MANY MANY lakes where i moved.
    Then all the cannabis friendly hippies got chased out of here taking their money away from here.
    Really disappointing is the fact that it is legal in California for a landlord , as a condition of application approval-require a renter to maintain Renter’s Liability Insurance Coverage & provide proof of the policy upon move -in. However, there are well over 100 registered sex offenders in the 92544 area code alone.
  2. California is much prettier than So.

    If you're looking at areas in California with the worst economic situations, where there's higher than average crime, and not a lot to do, this is an accurate list.

    This list is bogus beyond belief.

    Unemployment Rate: 12.9% (20th worst)
    They do it because that’s what HUD and Welfare offices said they can afford.

  3. Most Conservative Cities (50)
  4. More restaurants and activities for everyone.
    I lived in Orange and Aliso Viejo for 50 years ( i was born in Orange). Which makes it a tad better, overall.

    Located in Riverside County, California, Hemet apartments for rent provide the perfect opportunity for you to live in a quiet, charming community.
    It use to be a safe place to live but with all the homeless and drugs going around its turned into a very dangerous small town.
Years-long renters often move so many times that they are no longer in close proximity to friends/family who are more centrally located to jobs, beaches or other desirable locations.

People just laying around, high and rich as hell, on their dirt roads fishing on the second best bass lake in the USA. I moved here because of the friendly people, and the dirt roads.
I like most of the people here in Hemet, and the small gems I find around the town.
Across the board, those are in the bottom half in the state.
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  • Best Places To Live In Colorado EG says:
  • Malibu ranks 95 spots worse than Compton, hence the difference in property values.

    “For those who are familiar with this desert city in Riverside County, is might not be much of a surprise, considering it’s a hot, empty place with nothing to do.” Proofread much?

  • I actually wrote a highy relevant article about the inland empire area here: http://www.inlandempireinjurylaw.com/blog/the-inland-empire-defined-where-population-geography

    Adelanto Condominium,gated community,finally safe place,ASSOC.penalty was $145(1998),retired 2014 ,today 2026 ass.$400 1/2 of my SOC.SEC.benefits,start searching for p/t job,if I can find at 75 y.old.GOD BLESS
  • It is called University Preparatory.
    (BTW- I noticed the company is based in No. Who doesn’t love the desert?

    This along with the increase in crime is most likely due to the large amount of Prisons we now have up here in the HD with more on the way. If you didn’t own guns before you moved here, trust me, you will be needing them.

    You want to make love to the CEO of Del Taco. 5 It is pretty small and it doesn't have much to do. DHS has its problems and this city a stones throw from the art, culture and abundant resources of Palm Springs (* including an International Airport and myriad live music and theater venues) is by no means a winner on all counts, but you’d do well to look within before you draw up your next deeply biased list and consider that a night spent beneath a nearly infinite blanket of glistening stars, while warm winds pass over you with only the faint sound of coyotes in the nearby national park might, just might, be as valuable to some as penning an inane and suspiciously myopic list atop a plastic boat somewhere in North Carolina.

    I don’t see Temecula anywhere on this list.